I see my clients as the individuals that they are with unique qualities and strengths as well as a crucial part of a partnership with its own dreams, desires and goals. Through a process of strengthening the fragile parts of the relationship and providing tools to help repair the parts that feel broken, I offer a safe and compassionate space that promotes connection and healing to ALL relationship configurations. I enjoy working with couples from all walks of life . As a counselor, my position is that of a compassionate facilitator, listening to my clients without judgement or attempting to offer advice while validating each individuals own unique perspective and experience. My goal is to support my clients in improving their communication skills, helping them gain a greater sense of self and develop healthy coping strategies while expanding their understanding of their partners feelings, unmet needs and desires.

I help couples and individuals struggling with anxiety and panic disorders, self-esteem and body image, relationship challenges, sex and intimacy issues, divorce, life transitions, parenting issues, trauma, grief, loss and behavioral changes.

Amanda Barron, MS, MFT

Registered LMFT Intern
Supervisor: Tever Nickerson